New website launch!


New website launch!

We are pleased to introduce you to the new Emmepi website, a platform that celebrates the art of viticulture and the beauty of wine.

This site is a treasure trove of resources and products for all wine enthusiasts, with a range of items spanning across various categories.

The "Vineyard Accessories" category offers a selection of essential products for vineyard care and management. This section promises new upcoming products, which are anticipated to reflect Emmepi's typical quality and innovation. Emmepi is not only concerned with the growth and production of wine but also offers solutions to protect your precious vineyards.

The "Hail Protection" category includes systems such as the Tendirete system for vineyards and the oval "Viper" carabiner for vineyards, designed to shield your vineyards from adverse weather and ensure an excellent harvest.

The "Irrigation" section presents a series of tools to ensure your vines receive the necessary water to thrive. These products, like the innovative Drip Clip Anti Release, have been designed with utmost care to ensure the health and productivity of your vineyard.

The wine experience goes beyond the bottle, and the "Wine Drop" product embodies this philosophy. The Wine Drop Wine Glass Drip Holder, an essential accessory for drying your tasting glasses, is available for purchase. Not only does it keep glasses dry and within reach, but with its elegant and modern design, it adds a touch of style to any wine cellar or bar. Suspended like a bunch of grapes, it can hold up to 6 glasses of various shapes and sizes and is compatible with most wine and champagne glasses​​​.

Last but not least, is the "Caneva Wine Rack" product. The Caneva Wine Rack is an innovative, do-it-yourself, modular system for storing wine bottles. This product, designed and produced in Italy, is perfect for cellars and wine enthusiasts who want to create a personalized storage space for their bottles. It can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any space. Made with ABS polymer and galvanized iron rails, the Caneva Wine Rack is both aesthetically pleasing and functional​. Emmepi represents a unique mix of functionality, style, and passion for wine. With its wide range of products, the new website is a haven for all wine lovers. Whether you are a vine grower, a sommelier, or simply a wine lover, you will undoubtedly find something that sparks your passion for the art of wine.

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