Wine Drop Glass Holder

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Keep your wine glasses organized and save space with the elegant Wine Drop glass holder. Perfect for wine tastings and dinners, this innovative rack can hold up to 6 glasses of different sizes and shapes.

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Add a touch of elegance to your cellar or bar with the Wine Drop glass holder.

Suspended like a grape cluster, this wine glass holder is perfect for storing your glasses and saving space. Buy the Wine Drop glass holder now and enjoy a unique tasting experience!

Our Wine Drop is an essential accessory for drying your tasting glasses. It can hold up to 6 glasses of different shapes and sizes and, once finished, it can be easily folded and stored in a drawer. Moreover, thanks to its elegant design, it can also be used as a glass holder to display your favorite selections!

Easy to use and easy to store, our Wine Drop is the ideal accessory for wine shops, wine enthusiasts, and wine lovers looking for a practical way to keep their glasses dry and at hand.

Order your Wine Drop and enjoy your favorite wine with always-ready glasses.

Buy your Wine Drop on our website now!

The features of the Wine Drop glass holder are:

  • 🍷 Innovative design: The Wine Drop glass holder has an elegant and modern design that fits perfectly in any environment and decor.
  • 💧🧼 Practicality: The Wine Drop glass holder can be easily placed on any smooth surface without the need for screws or adhesives. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • 💯 Capacity: The Wine Drop glass holder can hold up to 6 glasses, preventing them from dripping and dirtying the underlying surface. It is therefore ideal for tastings and dinners with friends and family.
  • 👌🏻🍾Compatibility: The Wine Drop glass holder is compatible with most wine and champagne glasses, thanks to its rounded shape and flexibility.
  • 💪 Durability: The Wine Drop glass holder is made of high-quality, durable materials that withstand the test of time. It is also available in different colors to meet every aesthetic preference and need.

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