Caneva Wine Rack Patterned

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Discover Caneva Wine Rack, the wall-mounted support for your wine bottles. Practical and functional, it organizes and preserves your wine in an elegant and easy way.

Dimension: 9 holes

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Discover Caneva Wine Rack, the innovative and modular DIY system for wine bottle storage.

Designed and produced in Italy, it's perfect for wine cellars and enthusiasts who want to create a customized storage space for their bottles.

Thanks to its versatility, you can combine different modules to create various shapes and sizes.

Additionally, it's easy to connect the modules both horizontally and vertically to adapt them to objects, furniture, stair slopes, and create personalized storage areas.

Compatibility with the most common bottle types, from Bordeaux to Champagne, allows you to organize your favorite wine bottles according to your needs.

Made with ABS polymer and galvanized iron rails, our Caneva Wine Rack has a modern and eye-catching design. It's available in structures ranging from 9 to 540 holes and can be combined together to create any size. A single module measures 10 cm in width, 11 cm in height, and 24.5 cm in depth.

Calculate the number of modules you need for your needs using our Caneva Calculator and create your wine bottle storage space that reflects your personality and lifestyle!

Product features of Caneva Wine Rack:

  • ✨ Innovative DIY system for wine bottle storage;
  • 🇮🇹 Designed and produced in Italy for wine cellars and enthusiasts;
  • ✴️ Versatility in combination for the creation of various shapes and sizes;
  • 🍾 Compatibility with the most common bottle types;
  • 🤩 Modern and eye-catching design.

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  • Area: Wine accessories
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